Xin chao! (Hi everybody!)

My name is Linh Nguyen, pronounced as ling win. Born and raised in a small village in Northern Vietnam, I went to school in New York on a scholarship and worked in higher education in the city after graduation. Now I work as a freelance photographer and live in Manhattan the lovely coastal ancient town of Hoi An with my wonderful husband, Craig, who writes occasionally about travel and living on this blog.

I started this blog out of my passion for cooking. My love for preparing hearty family meals dates back to my childhood in the countryside. I used to help my grandma pick vegetables from our own garden and spent hours with my grandpa fishing from our pond. Although they were not rich materially, my grandparents fed me with the most delicious and healthy meals of my life. Inspired by my childhood’s meals and closeness to the nature, my cooking motto is to “let the fresh ingredients speak for themselves.” I love recipes that are deliciously fresh, clean, healthy, and ideally easy to make.

Thank you for stopping by. I hope you’ll find joy in looking at my pictures, watching my videos, and testing out my recipes. Thank you and chúc ngon miệng! (Bon appétit!)