a small announcement & a little break

This is me on the street of Hoi An around this time last year. It was my very first week with my very first professional full-frame camera.

Today, I’m so happy to share with you guys that I’ve just signed a Vietnamese cookbook deal, which means I’ll be writing and photographing my book full time. I’ll have to take a break from this blog for a few months, which upsets me a bit but at the same time I’m so excited to turn my love for food and photography into something tangible. My book will be in English and published worldwide, which is an incredible honor and an unbelievable dream to me – a home cook and a self-taught photographer.

Thank you for your support on this blog from the beginning and I’ll see you in at the end of December.



10 thoughts on “a small announcement & a little break

  1. Anonymous says:

    Congratulations Linh, that’s wonderful news. We were wondering about the absence of your posts! We look forward to seeing your project realised.
    Scott&Nadia xxx

    1. Linh says:

      Thank you Scott and Nadia! You guys are so sweet, as always!!! I’ll send you a copy to Australia when the book is published next fall. Big hugs from Vietnam, Linh

  2. Anonymous says:

    Yea, Linh! Keep it up (and visit Seattle)

    1. Linh says:

      Thank you! And yes, I will. Seattle is one of my most favorite cities in America!

  3. Thao says:

    Congratulation !!. I’ll miss you so much. Hope see you soon on your blog

    1. Linh says:

      Thank you so much Thao! Hugs hugs hugs!

  4. Nhung Le says:

    OMG Congratulations chi! I’ve just read this and feel so so happy and excited for you! Will miss you and please keep us posted <3

    1. Linh says:

      Hí hí cảm ơn em! Mùa hè năm sau sách phát hành chị sẽ gửi tặng Nhung một quyển nhé 😀

  5. good luck! looking forward to your return, congratulations!

  6. Linh,
    My name is Jeffrey Gates. I am a restaurant operator in the greater Boston area. I am building a Vietnamese restaurant concept here in Boston. I read your book for inspiration. I loved it!
    I am looking for a chef here in the greater Boston area.
    Do you know of anyone?
    Do you have any thoughts on the best way for me to find a chef with your drive and enthusiasm for Vietnamese cooking and culture?
    Thank you and best luck!

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